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Clip Styles

I offer 4 different clip options with my products.
Please contact me if you have any questions about which clip is perfect for your princess!
Alligator Pinch Clip ~ Used on all Bitty Bows and Embellished Clippies.  Also available on my Boutique Bows.  A gripper liner for fine hair is available with this clip.  A great option for clipping in front of a ponytail or with pigtails.  For babies who love to pull their bows out...use a clear elastic to make a little pigtail and then clip her bow right in front of it.
Metal Snap Clip ~ Available only with my Tuxedo Bows.  This is a bendable clip and is great for pulling a small amount of hair to the side.  You can also use this clip in front of a clear ponytail elastic if she doesn't have enough hair for a French barrette.  Choose this clip if you would like to attach the Tuxedo Bow onto my 3/4 inch ribbon-wrapped headbands.
2 1/4 Inch French Barrette ~ This is the clip used on the Tuxedo Bows worn by the model you see on my site.  Ideal for the girl with a bob haircut, or for pulling a smaller amount of hair back.  This size French barrette is also an option with my Boutique Bows.
3 Inch French Barrette ~ Only available with my Tuxedo Bows and Large Boutique Bows.  This is the clip for the girl with a lot of hair, or for pulling hair into a ponytail.
Any questions?  I'm happy to help!